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Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Dan Williams

I just saw Dan Williams run the conditioning test and he
looked great. I don’t know if he passed the test but he
certainly exceeded expectations. Coach Whiz was very
encouraged by Williams’ effort. Twice I heard him exclaim,
“Great job, Dan Williams! Way to go, Dan Williams!”

The Arizona Cardinals are excited about their nose tackle.
Dan Williams was a disappointment for much of last season
because he played at 350 pounds and had a bottom as wide
as the sea. It was difficult for Dumpster Dan to move and
get off blocks and he would fatigue quickly. Although he
played well before destroying his elbow and was starting
to be the force in the middle the Cards needed, most
experts believed big Dan was going to have to play
anywhere from 328 to 330 pounds if he was going to be

Dan Williams reported to camp weighing 314 pounds and if
his conditioning test is any indicator of the kind of
season he might have, defensive coordinator Ray Horton can
expect greatness.

The Cardinals run a true 34-Defense and the key to the
34’s rush defense is to have a run-stuffer over the
center. This is why the Cards drafted him out of
Tennessee. He has all the tools you look for when you
describe a nose tackle: nasty, stout, strong, with the
moon stuffed into his pants.

Big Dan is almost too light for me! I’d like to see him
play around 325, but his lateral mobility and new-found
conditioning will allow him to play at a much higher level
than he did last year. The Cardinals were right in the
middle of the pack last year, allowing 4.18 yards/carry on
the ground. Based on what I saw today, this team could
easily be in the top third of the league in that statistic
this season.

Great Job, Dan Williams!