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Scouts think Marc Bulger may be washed up

Is Marc Bulger done? Apparently many scouts around the NFL believe so.

In an column Jason La Canfora says this offseason could be the ‘worst crop of free agents in modern-era system’, and he includes Bulger as one of them.

Marc Bulger, quarterback

You will find plenty of scouts who believe he is done. They feel years of heavy hits and concussions have rendered him less of a quarterback and decision-maker. They don’t see him getting through a season as a starter. But there are plenty in the Ravens organization — where he was a backup last year — that believe Bulger could end up being a free-agent steal for someone. He clearly fits Arizona’s system, as he and Kurt Warner have the same passing roots. Arizona chose to be too frugal with him a year ago, but I doubt that’s the case now. While some in Washington’s organization are high on Bulger, I doubt the Redskins would put together the kind of financial package the Cardinals would. Could Bulger re-establish himself in Arizona as Warner did a few years back?

While many people are suggesting that he could have a career resurgence in Arizona, it is interesting to hear there are many scouts that think he’s washed up. The concerning thing about La Canfora’s report is that the Cardinals are willing to spend good money to acquire the former Rams quarterback.

The Cards might not be alone in their interest though. They may be bidding against the Miami Dolphins for Bulger’s services, according to the Miami Herald.

I believe if the Dolphins cannot get Palmer, Bulger will be their second target. Not anything anyone has whispered to me. Speculation. But it is logical. The Dolphins can sign Bulger for a year or two and offer him a chance to win a starting job. If he beats out Henne, so be it. If he doesn’t, he sits. Arizona might be able to offer him the starting job outright. We’ll see.

If the scouts are right, Cardinals fans better hope that a bidding war between the Cardinals and the Dolphins doesn’t break out. Bulger’s probably not worth a big pay day.