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MLB insider suggests D-backs should trade Wade Miley

The Arizona Diamondbacks are neither “buyers” nor
“sellers” as the MLB trade deadline approaches, as they’re
not likely to make a deal unless it makes them better this
year, but won’t mortgage the farm to make such a move.

However, writer Ken Rosenthal suggests
the team should
move a part of its present and
future by trading pitcher Wade Miley.

Yeah, the 25-year-old lefty who was an All-Star this
season and boasts a record of 11-6 with a 3.11 ERA.

It hardly would be blasphemy to trade an All-Star, not
when there are about 126 of them.

If D-backs GM Kevin Towers is willing to listen on right
fielder Justin Upton, he surely would listen on Miley,
particularly when the D-backs would be dealing from their
rotation, an area of strength.

Yes, as we’ve learned already Towers will “listen” to
inquiries about anyone on the roster, but it’s hard to
envision him parting with Miley, depth be damned.

It’s not that Miley would not bring back a considerable
haul, because chances are he would. And, for what it’s
worth, the question of whether or not the lefty can
sustain this success is a legitimate one.

However, if we have learned anything from this season —
especially with rookie pitchers — it’s that you can’t
necessarily count on them to do well at the major league
level, and a team that still believes it can reach the
playoffs would probably be hesitant to part with one of
its best and most consistent pitchers.

As well they should be.

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