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Chris Young shakes off Upton rumors

Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young is not fazed by rumors that his friend and teammate, right fielder Justin Upton, could be traded.

“Right now it’s just a rumor. His name has been in rumors since last offseason,” Young said. “So as of right now, it doesn’t really affect me until anything officially happens.”

Young said that as a player, all you can do is “go with the flow” in these situations.

“We drive ourselves crazy trying to play GM in our own heads and trying to figure out why this move happened and why that moved happened,” Young said. “All we do as players and just show up and get ready to play.”

Earlier today Jon Heyman tweeted that an unidentified team claimed Upton off waivers. Although since that initial tweet, Heyman tweeted that a D-backs official said that there was “no chance” of Upton being traded.

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