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Whisenhunt is looking for improvement this week

The Arizona Cardinals are only one week into training camp
in Flagstaff, so you’d think they would get a little slack
from head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

That’s clearly not the case.

“Saturday was a little bit of an eye opener because you
feel like you’re further along,” the coach said about the
defense-dominated scrimmage. “The players had been doing a
good job in practice, but that’s practice, when they know
a lot of what’s coming.”

It was tempting to bring up Allen Iverson “practice”
quotes to Whisenhunt after he said that, but instead it
was worth listening to him talk about what he was
surprised by during the Saturday Red & White scrimmage.

“When you throw them out there for the first time, which
is what it’s going to be like Sunday, they didn’t react
very well,” he said. “We need another good week of
practice in order to prepare for it.”

Whisenhunt did give the players a little bit of an excuse,
saying that it’s been hard for them to digest a lot of
information so quickly.

“Like I said, we threw the two minute at them and we threw
the red zone at them. We’ve got to go back and address
those again. I think we’ll be feeling a lot more
comfortable by the time the game rolls around on Sunday.”

With the Hall of Fame Game coming at the end of the second
week of camp, the Red & White Scrimmage was much earlier
than usual.

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