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Gammons quotes Rangers official: ‘We got Upton’

Oh the fun that goes on at the Winter Meetings.

MLB Network’s Peter Gammons was present and recently tweeted about some of the “fun” surrounding the endless trade rumors about Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton:

Upton has been part of trade rumors for the last three offseasons, and his name has been one of the most talked about at this year’s gathering.

Obviously nothing is official at this point and Gammons’ tweet could indicate just how close the trade was to going down before the plug was pulled. It could also indicate that the deal is close to consummation.

Thursday, talk of complicated three and four-team deals surfaced with Upton being one of the centerpieces for potential swaps. Other teams that have been rumored in such deals are the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, and of course, the Texas Rangers.

Based on Gammons’ tweet, Friday could be an interesting day on the Upton front.