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Arizona Cardinals may consider adding another running back

The Arizona Cardinals running backs look promising for the upcoming season, but it’s the immediate future that may have head coach Ken Whisenhunt a little worried.

“I said we would potentially look,” Whisenhunt told the media on Tuesday. “I said that I had concern if we got another guy nicked, just from that standpoint.”

Obviously Whisenhunt is referring to the injury status of Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams, who are both returning from knee injuries. Williams has seen more action so far in camp, but from the sound of it, Wells is not far behind.

“It’s tough because I think Beanie is going to be back pretty soon,” said Whiz. “And then you end up with a guy standing around. We’re trying to decide right now where we are with that.”

Whisenhunt did allude to the additional use of “The Sherminator,” better known as 23-year-old fullback Anthony Sherman, yesterday, and spoke of it again Tuesday as well.

“Like I said, I don’t know if I feel 100 percent comfortable with ‘The Sherminator’ yet but we may find out.”

Sherman had one carry for three yards in 2011, but did play in 15 games.

While the option is out there, it seems like Whiz will want some more time to look at Wells, Williams and Sherman before he begins his search for another running back.

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