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Cardinals’ Daryn Colledge no stranger to skirmishes

Cardinals training camp in Flagstaff is in full swing, and the players have
endured endless practices, film sessions and walk-throughs up to this
point. Tempers start to flare in the second week, so you might even see a
few fights, according to offensive tackle Daryn Colledge.

“You know it’s just kind of getting to that point where we’ve been practicing
against each other long enough and we’re not hitting anybody else so we’re
just getting tired of everybody.”

Colledge has been in the league since 2006, so he’s no stranger to training
camp. He’s also at the point in his career where he doesn’t need a real
reason to pick a fight.

“We’ll fight pretty much anybody,” Colledge said. “It’s one of those things
where you’re just kind of tired of hitting the same guys every single week.
You kind of remember something he did two days ago and you remember
something he did a day ago and it all bubbles over.”

Colledge didn’t hesitate to name names.

“I wanted to fight Levi [Brown] Tuesday just for stepping on my foot once,
so it’s just one of those things if you have the chance to hit a guy we do it,
so New Orleans is rolling in right about the right time,” Colledge stated.

Like he said, the Saints game is coming at the ideal time. The Cardinals will
play New Orleans in the Hall of Fame game on Sunday.

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