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Prado could be Poseidon

LISTEN: Kevin Towers, Diamondbacks General Manager

Martin Prado is making an impact on the Arizona Diamondbacks, and they’ve just started Spring Training. Kevin Towers, the D-backs’ GM, is raving about Prado’s weight-room antics, work ethic and his competitive fire. Towers told us D-backs players are having a hard time beating Prado into work in the morning, an easy time leaving before him, and that he doesn’t know if he’s seen Prado smile.

Apparently Prado’s intensity button is stuck in the “ON” position.

This is the beating heart of the clubhouse chemistry question: can a human being inspire others to do better, work harder and be more prepared…every day? And, more importantly, can they do it over the course of 162 games?


But intensity without production is not leadership; it’s the definition of a ticking time-bomb. If Martin Prado struggles, he will not be pleasant to be around and his leadership qualities will suffer; if he produces, his greatest gift to the D-backs will be the impact his person will have on his teammates. After all, a high tide floats all boats.

Here’s hoping Prado is Poseidon.

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