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Fantasy Baseball Weekly – Draft Preview

LISTEN: Fantasy Baseball Weekly - Draft Preview

Aren’t you sick of only hearing about the top ten players?

Before you know it, they’re all gone and you have 20 picks left to go. Take my advice and fill your roster with sleeper mid-to-late-round picks like these guys! To succeed at Fantasy Baseball, you need to be adept at identifying the available players who provide the highest value to your team. Hit a home run with Astros 2B Jose Altuve in the eighth or ninth round or pick up Mariners infielder Kyle Seager to provide depth and give you a little extra power.

A player like new Arizona Diamondback Martin Prado, who is eligible at four positions, is much more valuable to a team than an equally talented OF. A guy like Prado may ride your bench most of the week but on Mondays and Thursdays when there aren’t as many games, you can plug him in almost anywhere for a start. Other players eligible for at least three positions include Tampa Bay’s Ben Zobrist, Mark Trumbo of the Angels and Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier. Their stats may be worthy of a seventh round pick or later but their value to an active manager is sky high!

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