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Want some soccer with your volleyball?

It’s July and the sports world is moving at a crawl but fans watching the Pan American Games in Toronto got a two-for-one and experienced a little bit of soccer with their volleyball.

The international competition about a year-out from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is in full swing up in Canada and those actually tuning in, got a treat to a beautiful volleyball rally with some interesting technique.

Mexico and Canada, the bread of the America sandwich, faced each other in men’s volleyball Friday night. With Canada close to the win, Mexico wanted to keep things going a little longer with a crazy rally, but Canada was ready to put this one away.

With the volleyball headed to the barrier that would result in a sideout for Canada, Steven Marshall was able to get his foot in there and pop the ball up to save this one for America’s hat.

And yes, it was totally legal. After the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, the international volleyball federation changed the rules to allow any body contact as legal.

Maybe next game we’ll see a wicked header.