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Who’s Your Daddy: MLB analyst Tim Kurkjian

What is the most important life lesson your dad passed down to you?

He taught me a lot of life lessons. Number one, he taught me that you are going to fail at some point, not everybody is good at everything. Let’s learn the best way to get past the failure at whatever that is. My father is the single most up-beat positive person that I have ever met in my life, but he wanted you to prepare for when things didn’t go well. This went for academics, athletics and everything in life. The simple lessons my dad taught me from day one were, ‘Here is what we will do when we win and this is what we will do when we lose.’

What is the most memorable sports experience you remember sharing with your dad?

My dad has a million of those, but my dad was a good baseball player. He taught me to love the game, he taught me how to have a feel for the game, taught me how to turn the double play and everything about baseball. My favorite memory with him was when we watched my son Jeff play a little league game. He was playing second base, which was basically the same position that my father and I played. My son had a really good day and when we looked at each other, my dad and I, as if to say, ‘There is my grandson, there is my son.’ There is three generations, not exactly the Boone family, I’ll give you that, but it meant a lot to watch my son play the game that I taught him and, of course, the game was taught to me by my father.

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