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Who’s Your Daddy: Derrick Hall, D-backs president

LISTEN: Derrick Hall

What is the most important life lesson your dad passed down to you?

My dad was special to me, as you guys know, and that is in the past. And he had told me, as I started my career out with the Dodgers, he said, ‘You need to treat everybody as if they are better than you because they probably are.’ He said, ‘And I want you to know everyone who you work with by name.’ And that is game day staff, ushers, ticket takers, fellow office workers, and I’ve taken that to heart, and how right he is.

What is the most memorable sports experience you remember sharing with your dad?

First time he took me to Dodger Stadium and taught me how to keep score. There is nothing like sitting there with your child, boy or girl, and sitting down with a scorebook and teaching your son or daughter how to keep score. And to watch them look up after a couple innings, like I did to my dad, and say, ‘I think I got it, didn’t I do that one right,’ and the first time you get to pencil in that entire infield because that meant they scored, it was pretty special.

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