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Arizona Cardinals coach ready to see progress in games

The Cardinals continue training camp in Flagstaff this week and in practice and on paper, they’re looking pretty good. Too bad practice and paper don’t count.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt talked about the progress his team and his leaders have made since Friday’s disappointing loss to the Chiefs.

“Yesterday was a good physical practice,” he said. “It was a good start but until we do it in a game, I’m not going to say we’ve done anything.”

The Cardinals are 0-2 in the preseason so far and are hosting the Raiders on Friday.

“I think I’ve said all along that the guys have been practicing hard, they’ve been practicing good, but we haven’t played well in the games, we haven’t played well enough, we haven’t played to our standard,” the coach said.

Looking back at the Cardinals’ defense in their game against the Chiefs, of the first 20 plays they had, mistakes were committed on 17 of them.

“Until we do that in a game (play to our standards) and we play better and do some of the things we need to do, nothing has really changed,” Whisenhunt said. “I like the way they’re working and that’s about it.”

The motto for the Cardinals for the rest of camp should be what defensive coordinator Ray Horton was yelling all throughout practice Monday: “It has to be always, not sometimes.”

Meaning consistency is the key to success.

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