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Patrick Corbin and Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Corbin reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. Back when Rodgers wasn’t a household name and not recognized as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Anyone that knew anything about football could tell Rodgers had all the skills to be an elite Q. He had a rifle arm, quick release, good mobility and, after watching him play well in his first year of replacing the legendary Brett Favre, the right stuff to be special. But proof of skill remained to be seen.

Corbin seems to be where Rodgers was. An excellent athlete for his position, Corbin’s performance has revealed his talent. His velocity has been up on his fastball and his slider has been completely filthy, a pitch that is equally nasty to hitters on both sides of the plate. And his command has been superb.

These are the skills of Patrick Corbin. And like Aaron Rodgers, you can watch him compete at the highest level and know that he has the skill and talent to be at the top of the rotation. We’re seeing the fruits of his labor and skill and it is nothing short of prodigious.

The hard part is believing what we’re seeing. This is Patrick Corbin, after all, whom struggled to win a spot in the rotation coming out of spring training. He has pitched well but I doubt if pressed even Kirk Gibson could have foreseen 9-0 with a 2.19 ERA, a WHIP of 1.00 and seven innings/start?

The question is what does Corbin think about his success? And this is where he can learn from Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers will never forget his troubled beginnings, dropping down draft boards and waiting to play behind a living legend. But these beginnings made him hungry and taught him things he would not soon forget. His humility is what sets him apart and his work ethic and these traits are inexorably tied to his success.

I hope Corbin thinks like Rodgers.