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Arizona Cardinals first half synopsis

The Cardinals looked nothing like the team they showed in the first two games to start their third preseason contest against the Oakland Raiders.

The defense flew around the ball, Adrian Wilson played like he was 25 and Kevin Kolb looked like he was on his way to starting against Seattle. Although the defense remained strong, Kolb did not.

On Kolb’s second drive, he took a terrible intentional grounding penalty setting up 3rd and 14 from the Cardinals’ one yard line. Oakland ran a twist and the right side of the Cardinals’ line was destroyed. A jailbreak ensued and the result was a Kolb safety. Although the sack wasn’t Kolb’s fault, the grounding penalty set-up the play.

With his first two drives a wash, Kolb led two more series to similar results and was sacked twice more. On the second series, Kolb tried to complete a pass to Adam Snyder. Unfortunately for all involved, that was illegal.

John Skelton entered the game after a Daryl Washington induced fumble. He needed only four plays to lead the Cardinals on a 23-yard TD drive.

Skelton’s day ended with only one series going 3 for 3 for 23 yards, 1 TD and 0 picks. Kolb went 3 for 6 for 22 yards, 1 TD, 1 safety and 1 attempted pass to a lineman.

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