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Second half hopes for the Arizona Diamondbacks

If the Arizona Diamondbacks hope to stay atop the National League West in the second half of the season, there are a few scenarios that must play out.

Don’t trade Skaggs, Bradley or Holmberg

The D-backs are clearly in position to win the NL West. The key to success in the postseason is to have two lockdown starters. The price to get those is too high to pay during the season. Getting to the postseason is not the goal. Winning the World Series is the goal. Skaggs, Bradley and Holmberg are pieces to winning a World Series, not bait to get to the postseason. They are untouchable.

Get Ian Kennedy right

There is no division championship without Kennedy fixing his issues. He must right the ship.

Miggy needs to rebound

He’s showing signs of life at the plate. The only way to know if the mini-streak Montero is on recently can be believed is if he stops over-swinging. Montero has insisted for three months on trying to hit five-run home runs. Get a hit, keep the line moving. Montero is a much better power hitter when he swings for contact, which he hasn’t done much of.

All-Stars keep playing like it

It’s asking so much of two young players to return from the high of their first All-Star experience and still be able to settle down mentally. There is no postseason without Corbin and Goldschmidt doing exactly what they’ve been doing. The truth is, it’s asking way too much of most players. For some reason, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to expect them to continue.