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FanBall Weekly: Second-half Fantasy trade bait

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There are plenty of guys out there whose value is sky high right now and will surely decrease over the remainder of the season. If you are in a redraft league (or are a risk-taking keeper/dynasty manager) these players can bring you a great haul to help your push to the playoffs. We’re not talking guys like Miguel Cabrera or Carlos Gonzalez, these are proven stars who should excel throughout the rest of the season. The two players below should be on your trade block this week and because of their first half success and can bring you the pieces you need to make a deep playoff run.

1B/OF Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles: Yes, I know I wrote an article about how great he is and how he could break Roger Maris’ home run mark. I also wrote about how the Home Run Derby hurts the power numbers of its participants and Davis has already fallen into that category, only smacking one dinger since the All-Star break. First base and outfield are both very deep this year so if you can’t get a positional replacement in your return pile there will be somebody worth picking up to stick in his place. Straight up you may be able to bring in a guy like Felix Hernandez, who has a history of consistency in the later months of the season.

SP Max Scherzer, Detroit Tigers: Odds are that he’ll lose more than one game between now and October and though he’s been stacking up the wins he was likely not your first or even second pitcher drafted and therefore can become expendable. He became the first to 15 wins on Sunday and if you have two more high level starters on your staff you can send off Scherzer for someone to fill a weak slot in your hitting lineup. A great can involve Jason Kipnis. Package your 2B with Scherzer for Kip and a lesser SP for an offensive boost.