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10 unpredictable Diamondbacks storylines

Forget anything involving a housewife or a tattoo artist or a singing competition, sports is the ultimate reality show, and not one sporting event this year has featured Ryan Seacrest.

And you can forget anything involving infidelity in the ER, police detectives straddling the line between upholding the law or breaking it, or even teachers selling meth to kids, sports is also the ultimate sports opera as well.

Oh sure, we make predictions and occasionally some come true. And yes, we can anticipate a team’s collapse or a player’s rise to stardom with a fair amount of accuracy. But the reason sports is so great is because it is perfectly and indisputably unpredictable.

I’ll prove it. Let’s play a game.

I’m going to list off ten predictions I could have made in March. You tell me which of the ten you would have never believed.

1. The Diamondbacks will go 27 days without a win from a starter and not drop out of first place.

2. Of all the players involved in the Justin Upton trade, Chris Johnson will have the best season.

3. J.J. Putz, Heath Bell and David Hernandez will all be healthy in August, but Brad Ziegler will be the team’s closer

4. Patrick Corbin will be an All-Star and Cy Young candidate

5. The World Champion San Francisco Giants will be a last place team entering August

6. Despite 175 fewer plate appearances, Eric Chavez will have more RBI than Miguel Montero

7. The most important player in the NL West this season will be a 22-year old rookie from Cuba

8. Josh Collmenter will not start a game, but through will have more wins than all of Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, and Brandon McCarthy by the end of July

9. Come August, A.J. Pollock will have more RBI than Matt Kemp, but the Dodgers will be in first place

10. Before the season is over, Ian Kennedy will be a San Diego Padre

Let’s see if Snooki can beat that for intrigue.

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