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Titans coach calls out Arizona Cardinals offensive line

BREAKING NEWS: the Arizona Cardinals offensive line is bad.

OK, not so much breaking, and not really even news.

The group’s struggles are well documented, and the loss of Levi Brown to injury has not helped things.

However, things have gotten so bad that other teams are almost feeling bad for Arizona’s QBs. At least, opposing coaches are.

“I don’t know the numbers, but those quarterbacks — I thought all their quarterbacks were going to get hurt,” the coach said after the game.

There’s little doubt he’s not the only one who thought that.

Cardinals quarterbacks were sacked four times on the night — Kevin Kolb twice and John Skelton once — and were hit numerous other times. They were under serious pressure nearly every time they dropped back to pass, which has been an ongoing problem this preseason.

The pass protection did seem to improve a bit when the team inserted D’Anthony Batiste in at left tackle and rookie Bobby Massie at right tackle, but that combination is certainly not going to inspire much confidence at this point.

Last week, Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Tommy Kelly accused Kevin Kolb of playing scared.

Would you blame him?

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