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Cardinals coach says team will be more aggressive in regular season

As we approach the start of regular games, NFL fans everywhere will finally be able see if their team’s performance thus far has been a sign of things to come or just a fluke.

With vanilla schemes and second and third stringers appearing in most preseason games, it’s difficult to judge how good a team will be during the regular season.

Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt spoke to ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd about the differences between game play during preseason and regular season.

“[During the regular season] some of the combinations that you use are a little bit different,” said Whisenhunt. “When you’re playing with different guys at different levels during the third quarter of a preseason game you can’t expect them to run those coverages efficiently without making mistakes so you play it a little bit more vanilla.”

When asked if there was anything he can take out of his team’s defense during the preseason, Whisenhunt said yes but added come week one he and his coaches will look to be more aggressive in their gameplan.

“What you see is a lot more coverages and a lot more or the zone-man combination coverages that you don’t see a lot in the preseason,” said Whisenhunt.

Facing the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, the Cardinals will look to see if their opponent’s eighth-ranked preseason offense is really as good as they appear to be or if they just got lucky facing opposing teams backups.

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