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Analyst says Carson Palmer should be Cardinals QB

Guess what? It’s another day and there is another NFL analyst weighing in on who he thinks the Arizona Cardinals should get to play quarterback in 2011. We know, who would have guessed.

Tuesday’s participant is the NFL Network’s Senior Analyst — that means he’s either important or been there the longest — Pat Kirwan, who made his pick during his weekly web chat on

“The best fit for the Cardinals would be [Carson] Palmer,” Kirwan noted. “There’s no denying his talent and experience. If you’re looking to duplicate some of the things you did with Kurt Warner, he’s your best choice.”

Everyone have that down on their scorecard? That’s one vote for Palmer.

As we’ve cited before, the issue is that Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown likely won’t acquiesce to Palmer’s demands to be traded. Kirwan has an answer for that too.

“It’s a fine balancing act here between letting a player get what he wants and protecting his investment,” Kirwan added. “I would move Palmer for a first-round pick and a player that could start immediately — but not less than that. Let’s see what someone brings to the table before we close the book on this decision.”

There you have it. Since nothing can go on in the NFL due to the lockout speculation is all we have to deal with. So why not dream big? Peyton Manning is available since the Indianapolis Colts have yet to sign him to an extension. Can’t we add his name to the list? (Insert sarcastic tone here)

Dreaming is free, right? That is, unless you’re the company paying analysts to guess, in which case the price tag is significantly higher.