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Reid says the Philadelphia Eagles may not trade Kevin Kolb

The NFL lockout may be in full swing but that hasn’t kept Philadelphia Eagles general manager and head coach Andy Reid from consistently changing the market for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

On Tuesday a Philadelphia television station caught up with Reid and asked if the Eagles would still look to deal Kolb when the labor dispute ends.

But during the offseason and before the lockout, “we had a bunch of teams who were interested in him, but you don’t know,” Reid said.

“We couldn’t do deals with them at that time, so you couldn’t do futures or anything else,” Reid said.

Reid said based on some scenarios, if the lockout goes for a long time, the Eagles may not want to trade Kolb.

What, he may not want to deal Kolb now? Sounds like someone who is bluffing in hopes that he can drive up the price. Too bad right now he’s the only one at the table playing poker.

Somehow, despite the fact that no moves can be made, the market for Kolb seems to change every day. One of those reasons is the fact that Reid keeps talking.

A few weeks ago he was saying that ‘whoever gets Kolb will compete for a championship’ and now he’s questioning to the media whether or not he’ll move the young signal caller at all.

Either the Eagles aren’t 100-percent sold on Michael Vick’s resurgence and want to keep Kolb as the insurance policy or Reid is just trying to find a way top keep trade interest at its peak despite the lockout.

We’re leaning towards the latter because it’s hard to imagine after all this smoke that there isn’t quite the fire raging. One that would be pretty difficult to put out at this point.