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Kyle Orton may have motivation questions

For those of you with Kyle Orton in the ‘Next quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals’ office pool, you might want to read this.

The NFL Newtork’s Michael Lombardi made it quite clear that he doesn’t think Orton has what it takes to be a starting quarterback anywhere, let alone in the Valley.

“Kyle Orton kind of deserves no respect,” he told Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf. “He’s the guy who really when you get into him likes being the quarterback but doesn’t want to put the time or the effort in to be the quarterback.”

Sound familiar?

We’re pretty sure that has been, and still is, the knock on a quarterback the Cardinals know all too well, Matt Leinart. It’s also why he got a one way ticket out of Arizona and straight to the bench in Houston last year.

If Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals front office are going to give up a draft pick to acquire a quarterback, they probably won’t want it to be for a guy with questions about his motivation.