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Peterson to be highest rated rookie in ‘Madden’

You may not be able to see first round draft pick Patrick Peterson make thrilling plays for the Arizona Cardinals in real life this fall but you’re almost guaranteed to see him make more than a few in “Madden NFL 12”.

According to Peterson, the ‘can’t miss’ cornerback prospect out of LSU, will be the highest rated rookie in the game.

But I’m not the only one high on Peterson, as “Madden NFL 12” ratings guru Donny Moore has informed me that Arizona’s electrifying corner will be the highest-rated rookie in the game with an 82 overall, including 97 speed, 96 agility, 93 acceleration, 93 jumping, 77 catching (highest for any rookie CB), and 91 return. In terms of his defensive skill set, Peterson clocks in with 89 man coverage, 82 zone coverage, and 90 press.

In non-geeky terms, that means he’ll run really fast, jump really high, catch really well and be really, really good.

If the real life Peterson plays half as well during his rookie season — whenever it is — as it sounds like the virtual version of him will play in Madden, the Cardinals may have landed themselves the best talent in the entire draft.

Then again, Cardinals fans know all too well about rookies who look good on paper, or in video games, that don’t even amount to anything when they get on the field.