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Horton on defense: ‘We are not there yet’

As impressive as the Arizona Cardinals’ defense has played this season, defensive coordinator Ray Horton is not ready to give the unit a good grade yet.

“For me it’s an incomplete, meaning we have a lot of things on the table,” Horton said. “We are striving to be as good as we can be, and we are not there yet.”

The Cardinals’ defense is trying to stay humble despite such a great start. However, it is hard to not be optimistic about the way they have preformed so far.

“It is satisfying seeing what we can be potentially. They are working hard,” Horton said. “They do have a grasp of the defense we are putting a lot of stuff in.”

The Cardinals will have a tough test Sunday when they will be asked to slow down the Miami Dolphins’ fourth-ranked rushing offense.

The Dolphins have a very talented trio of running backs featuring Reggie Bush, Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas.

Though Bush is questionable for Sunday, stopping this talented backfield will be a challenge for Arizona’s front seven.

“Either we are going to get better, or they are going to continue to get better on their side of the ball,” Horton said.

The Cardinals will also have to worry about rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Horton said that he was been impressed with what he has seen from the young gunslinger.

“He makes the right throws, he is mobile, he appears to be smart, and it’s not too big for him,” Horton said. “He does exactly what they want him to do, gives them a chance to win the game.”