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Venom Vision: Stagnancy, not grit the theme of 2013 D-backs

October is officially here, and well, the D-backs are not. For all of the drama that took place before and during the season, one thing didn’t change from last year: there’s still no fall postseason party in the Valley, no playoff appearance to celebrate, no banner moments to really cherish.

The Arizona Diamondbacks of 2013 won’t be remembered by their grit. Nope, they’ll be remembered for their remarkable consistency.

Longest winning streak: Five games
Longest losing streak: Five games
Times they won three or more in a row: 11
Times they lost three or more in a row: 12
Home record: 45-36
Road record 36-45
Record vs. RHP: 56-58
Record vs. LHP: 25-23
Day record: 23-22
Night record: 58-59

I could go on and on with the stats, but the point is they were a model of consistency…a model of consistency that points to being stagnant. And in sports, the ‘S’ word is one of the worst possible things a team can be.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this year’s squad, it’s that they’re the equivalent of a B-/C+ movie. You’ll go see it if there’s nothing else out, but the plot isn’t all that original and it’s not exactly going to garner any Academy Awards. The D-backs might have had their moments in 2013, but in the end they suffered the same fate as four of the previous five teams did. Another year left out in the cold come October.