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Darcy Olsen opens mouth, inserts foot (and cupcakes)

Finally, the meeting happened

The Goldwater Institute, the City of Glendale and prospective Coyotes owner Matthew Hulsizer got together Thursday to discuss the sale of the hockey team which has been, up until now, stalled by the conservative thinktank’s opposition.

No worries, as the meeting helped them agree on some of the most important issues, such as what flavor of cupcakes to eat.

Umm, what?

“And just because we’ve had, you know, different interactions between all of us, we thought it would be fun to sort of start fresh and call this the Cupcake Summit, and we’ll offer you the first cupcake, and we have some plates and napkins and just pass it around to get us started,” Olsen explained.

That’s right, apparently this all comes down to deciding between red velvet, coconut and ooey gooey.

“What does ‘ooey-gooey’ mean,” Glendale mayor Elaine Scruggs asked.

Great. Just great.

While the fate of a hockey team along with the many jobs created by Arena’s main tenant lies in the balance, the Goldwater Institute, after longing for this meeting, used the time to crack jokes and make peace offerings. With sweet, delicious cupcakes.

Oh, what jokes you might ask? Try this one, shared between Olsen, Hulsizer and Hulsizer’s attorney Jay Coppoletta — who was named “Ray” in the press release distributed by the Goldwater Institute:

MS. OLSEN: And, Matt, I don’t know if you… flew in just for this meeting or for the game last night, but…

MR. COPPOLETTA: You were here for that game, obviously.

MR. HULSIZER: There was a game last night?

MS. OLSEN: Yeah, there was a game last night. But we’re really glad to have you here, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our concerns with you and also some ideas, and we went with the lucky number seven of both.


Actually, maybe this is a good thing. If Glendale, Goldwater and Hulsizer can all make nice, maybe something can actually get done and this situation will find a resolution. That is, after all, why they got together, right?

But until then, cupcakes for everyone!

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