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Off the Ice: Handing out the Howlers

The Phoenix Coyotes season is coming to a close and the
team has already given out their

There weren’t a lot of surprises — Mike Smith was the
MVP, Shane Doan was the hardest working player as voted by
fans, Ray Whitney got the most points and Jason LaBarbera
was the best guy in the community.

However, I wasn’t consulted when these so-called “awards”
were being decided and I had my version all set to go.
Since I put the work in anyway — about 20 minutes during
a drive home from a recent vacation — I’m handing out my
own awards for the Coyotes: the Howlers.

I couldn’t find an interested TV network (damn recession)
so these were presented in the safety of my own home
office with my dog and girlfriend as a semi-captive
audience. Since you weren’t there to see it, I included
the full list in slideshow form.

Also, I know I’m not very good at Photoshop. Please spare
me your comments telling me why you’re better at it than

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