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Hockey ‘the dirty way’…do you care?

Paulie Puck prefers to keep it simple. (Is that because
we’re a card carrying simpleton? Uh, we refuse to dignify
those questions…)

Instead, let’s get a show of hands here regarding another
simple question: Who’s willing to play dirty? You know,
as in “Hockey the Hard, err…Dirty Way.”

Specifically, who’s willing to withstand headlines across
North America that scream “Dirty Hit” in bold print?
Who’s prepared to listen to irate opposing coaches
proclaim that our style of play “makes me sick.” Who’s
equipped to absorb hit ‘n run tweets from Chicago fans
that paint our Coyotes as “classless” and “nasty.”

Put in real simple terms – who’s willing to play whatever
stinkin’ style it takes to advance out of the first round
for the first time ever?!

Because, guess what? That line now forms behind me. I’m
ready and willing. Without a doubt, my response to all of
these questions happens to be a definitive and emphatic

Get ‘er done. And how the Coyotes get there doesn’t
really matter anymore. Heck, go sign Oggie Oglethorpe for
all we care. Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-NHL-GOON.

In a couple of months, we may not even own the Phoenix
Coyotes. The chances are good that the Doggies will
become the latest Arizona short sale. So, forgive me if
I’m treating this team right now like a rental car (“Uh,
did we just run over something? Hossa? Whatever, it’s a

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather be known for the
occasional big hit (BIG, BIG hit) than the Big El Foldo
every postseason. And we do mean every single year in the
history of the Phoenix Coyotes. Hence, the time has
arrived for “Hockey – Whatever Way is Necessary…”

Again, maybe it’s just me since I was standing there in
St. Louis when, over a dozen years ago, Coyotes head coach
Jim Schoenfeld guaranteed a win in Game Seven (#Buzzer).
Forget Lord Stanley, it’s been “Oh Lord, not again…” ever

So, this year, if Coyotes players are all ready to star in
one of those “I Can’t Take It Anymore” movies, can you
blame ‘em? (Rated R for Reviled).

In fact, if the NHL league office is trying to diagnose
why the team it owns is playing with the bile of a bunch
of desert dogs? Well, this team is merely playing the
hand it’s been dealt. Then, think of everything the
Coyotes have been forced to deal with the past few years,

Meaning, if you believe that whatever you deal out to
others will be dealt to you in return…then the rest of the
NHL might be in real trouble.