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Deal looks to be on the way for Jamison, Glendale

Although an impending lockout may leave hockey fans down in the dumps this weekend, the same may not be entirely true here in the Valley.

If seeing is believing, Phoenix Coyotes fans might finally have a reason to believe their three-year nightmare is coming to an end.

According to Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal, the final touches on an arena management agreement between prospective buyer Greg Jamison and Glendale City Manager Horatio Skeete could be finalized by the end of this week.

While the City of Glendale came out this week looking to make changes to the proposed 20-year, $300 million arena deal with Jamison, it appears the last-minute issues will not thwart the 61-year-old’s attempt to purchase the team.

Both parties met privately on Wednesday to discuss new parameters for the deal — which could cut the city’s payment plan from $92 million to $72 million over the first five years — and if finalized the on-again, off-again saga could end with a vote in Glendale City Council by Friday. Back in June, the initial deal was approved by the council.

Before announcing his intentions to buy the Coyotes, Jamison served as the president and CEO of the San Jose Sharks and Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment from 2007-2010.

Despite being owned and operated by the NHL since 2009, the Coyotes have made three consecutive trips to the postseason, including a run to the Western Conference Finals in 2012.

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