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Forbes: Expect Coyotes to move to Seattle

The Phoenix Coyotes foundation in Arizona appears to be crumbling, and you better believe there are other cities ready to pick up the pieces.

One such place, according to Forbes writer Mike Ozanian, is Seattle.

In a piece written Thursday, Ozanian speculates that Seattle — which appears set to take the NBA’s Sacramento Kings — would be a great fit for Phoenix’s hockey team.

Look for the team to move to Seattle if the sale of the Sacramento Kings to hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is finalized. The NBA team’s prospective new owners want to move the Kings to Seattle where they plan on opening a new arena in two years. Two teams in one building is better economics.

Two teams in one building might be better economics, unless the arena is built for basketball and leaves a couple sections of fans unable to see one of the goals.

At any rate, the point is the Coyotes have been in limbo for the better part of the last few years, and an end to their ownership saga may be in sight.

Unfortunately, it may not be the one Valley fans were hoping for.

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