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Shane Doan does not lament obstacles thrown at Phoenix Coyotes

LISTEN: Shane Doan, Coyotes Forward

For all intents and purposes, the Phoenix Coyotes are as tough a professional sports team as you’ll ever find.

From dealing with a never-ending ownership situation (that is currently not good, by the way) to the short end of the stick with scheduling at times, it seems like the team is constantly facing an uphill battle.

And then, it seems, they have to deal with shoddy officiating at times, too.

A guest of Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Tuesday, Coyotes captain Shane Doan said the team deals with it all because it really has no other choice.

“It goes back to looking ahead, kind of the attitude that (head coach Dave Tippett) has installed in us,” Doan said. “And that we, as a group of players, take a little bit of pride in.”

That’s not to say the Coyotes wouldn’t mind catching a few breaks at some point, but until that happens Doan says it’s imperative the team does not ever get in a mentality that has them waiting for bad things to happen.

“It’s like ‘ahh I can’t believe it’s happening to us again’ and then it happens again,” he said.

Doan said Tippett reminds them to just keep looking ahead, saying their job is to win hockey games no matter what.

“It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy almost where if you believe that you’re going to get the short end and then you believe it’s going to cost you a game, it ends up costing you the game,” he said. “But if you believe you can do it then it becomes a challenge and you can answer.”