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Shane Doan’s effort in L.A. should ensure end of losing streak

It is such an honor to live in a town where 82 nights a year (at least most years), I get to watch Shane Doan.

Todd Walsh said on the TV broadcast Tuesday night that Doan stood up to his mistakes during the horrible road goal-less streak (truth is the whole team has been an abomination during this road trip and it’s far from Doan’s fault). It was Doan that was a hitting machine. It was Doan that was illegally kneed without penalty during the worst officiated game in the last 25 years. It was Doan that scored the goal to end the streak. On his second goal, it was Doan that kept it in the offensive zone during a massive scrum at the blue line, let alone being the one to put it home.

The Coyotes won every aspect of the game versus the Kings except the one that matters. This game extended the losing streak and ended it at the same time. After Doan’s effort, this team won’t let him down. The goal-less streak is over and so will the losing be.

Whatever you are doing Thursday or Monday, try to get to a Coyotes game. They are currently tied for the eighth seed in the Western Conference, but that could change Wednesday night. Their next two home games are against the sixth and seventh seeds. With a team that averages less than a road win per month, these home games are huge before another road trip.

If I’m wrong and they lose these two games, it’s not over, but there’s will be a very large woman with a microphone in her hand.