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Things that happened since the Coyotes last had an owner

The Glendale City Council agreed to a lease agreement with the Renaissance Sports & Entertainment Group on Tuesday night that will keep the Coyotes in Glendale for at least the next five years.

The agreement has ended a saga that has lasted since May of 2009, when former owner Jerry Moyes filed the franchise for bankruptcy.

A lot has happened since then and, now that we can turn our attention from what seemed like a never-ending saga, let’s look back at what we may have missed.


• There were 18 champions crowned in the four major sports. The 2010 Phoenix Suns came the closest locally. Curse you, Metta World Peace.

• Tebowmania was born in Denver. Tebowmania died in New York. Tebowmania looks to resurrect in New England.

• Lebron James took his talents to South Beach.

• Adam Morrison took his talents to the D-League.

• Ray Lewis went off in Super Bowl glory.

• Brett Favre went off in a sexting scandal, wearing Vikings purple, playing through some kind of (minor) injury, gunslinging the ball to the opposition.

• The Atlanta Thrashers became the Winnipeg Jets.

• The New Jersey Nets became the Brooklyn Nets.

• The threat of a season-long lockout loomed over the NBA, NFL and NHL. Bud Selig has started seminars for all professional sports commissioners called, “How to solve non-PED labor issues.”

• Michael Phelps became the most accomplished Olympian in history during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

• Miguel Cabrera became the first player since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 to win baseball’s Triple Crown.

• Butler University emerged as a college basketball powerhouse by going to back-to-back title games. Yes, these were NCAA Division 1-A championship games.

• The Phoenix Suns fell into NBA purgatory. High-five, Robert Sarver.

• After Kurt Warner retired, the Arizona Cardinals recently tried to go though three years of not having a quarterback on their roster. Guys named Max Hall, John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Richard Bartel, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer all tried their hardest, but no one was as serious as Derek Anderson.

• “Gibby Ball” was a thing. Then you blinked. But Kevin Towers’ grit fetish hasn’t wavered.


• Some important people passed away. Rest in peace, Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs.

• To say Tiger Woods had a bad Thanksgiving in 2009 — the year his marital misdeeds came to light — is an understatement.

• Socialite Kim Kardashian’s “fairytale” wedding with Kris Humphries lasted as long as a junior high relationship.

• Kim Kardashian started dating rapper Kanye West, got impregnated by Kanye West, and named Kanye West’s baby ‘North.’ To recap, Kim Kardashian of the junior high relationship with Kris Humphries now has a child named North West.

• Justin Bieber sang Baby…baby…baby for ohhhh, pretty much the entire Coyotes saga.

• Tweet tweet… Twitter evolved into the quintessential social media platform. Coyotes left wing @BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonnette)is always worth a follow.

• The Harry Potter film series concluded. Maybe the Twilight saga, like the Coyotes saga, could too? Maybe?

• “The Office” ended their award winning show after nine seasons on NBC. That IS what she said.

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