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Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu scoops ice cream on off-day

An off day for a professional in the work field is a pretty exciting thing most of the time.

The only exception to that would be an off day during the summer months here in the desert.

The question is, what’s there to do when it’s over 110 degrees outside? Sometimes it gets too hot to even be out at the pool, which really limits your options of getting out of the house.

Fortunately we have ice cream in this world, which is a perfect treat on a hot summer day.

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu decided to use his off day on Tuesday to scoop ice cream at a local Cold Stone for his fellow Phoenicians who may also have had Tuesday afternoon off from work.

The Cardinals had Tuesday off from camp because head coach Bruce Arians wants to simulate a game week with the Cardinals traveling to play the Oakland Raiders this Sunday.

Mathieu, who is listed as the starting free safety on the depth chart, is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable and popular athletes in the state of Arizona.

It seems like Mathieu had a pretty good time getting out of the heat scooping ice cream and mingling with Cardinals fans on his rare off day during training camp.

The biggest question that we have is, what’s Mathieu’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Your guesses would be as good as ours.


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