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San Clemente High football team goes out of its way for team manager

Student manager Jack West means a lot to the San Clemente Tritons.

In 2013, the team presented him with a varsity letter at the season-ending banquet.

This summer, they made Jack, heading into his senior year, feel special once again.

During a scrimmage with El Toro High, coaches called Jack in from the sideline, had him put on a jersey and helmet and put him in the backfield at running back. They wanted Jack to feel the thrill of scoring a touchdown, which he did.

After crossing the goal line, his San Clemente teammates mobbed him in the end zone.

Sports and every-day life, for that matter, need more stories like this. People going out of their way to let another know how much they are appreciated.

Well done, San Clemente and El Toro!

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