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Grab coach a cold one: Bruce Arians wants to try Jared Veldheer’s beer

Good thing Jared Veldheer isn’t fighting anyone for the Arizona Cardinals’ starting left tackle job.

The offensive linemen is safely on the first-team depth chart, but he hasn’t done everything to please head coach Bruce Arians. More specifically, the Cardinals’ infamous home-brewer hasn’t brought his head coach a sample of his beer.

“He won’t bring me any,” Arians lamented at practice on Wednesday. “I’ve got to get some. I think he wants me to buy it or something, I don’t know.”

Maybe, coach, you can just ask.

Reporters, chasing this breaking news, asked Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer if Veldheer ever shared his brews with him. Palmer, who goes back with Veldheer to their days with the Oakland Raiders, was told Arians didn’t think Veldheer was generous enough.

“That’s the first time Coach Arians has been wrong,” Palmer said. “Jared’s a very good sharer. He’ll tell you his brewhouse is always open, and I’ve visited multiple times and he’s like a chemist. Him being a dumb offensive linemen is not correct. He’s very good — and he’s a very good sharer.”

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