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Warner on offense: ‘Equal blame all around’

The Arizona Cardinals’ offensive line has taken plenty of blame for the team’s inability to score, but it may not be entirely fair.

Former Cardinals quarterback and NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf there is “equal blame all around.”

“It is not that every area (of the offense) is just plain terrible all the time,” Warner said. “If the quarterback holds the ball too long one play, it’s a sack. If a guy gets beat at the line of scrimmage even if though a guy is coming open, it’s a sack. If everybody else does their job and a receiver can’t get open, then it becomes a sack too.”

The Cardinals’ offense has had a very tough time finding consistency so far this season. They are averaging just 15.9 points per game, which ranks 31st in the league.

“I think that is the problem right now. There is not really one area that they can hang their hat on. The only guy is probably Larry Fitzgerald, but when he is not the guy with the ball in his hands on every snap, it makes it tough for an offense.”