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Marcus Mariota debuts in hilarious ‘Heisman House’ commercials

Former University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is the latest roommate in Nissan’s Heisman House, an annual ad campaign featuring some of college football’s best all-time players.

The new wave of ads is out, in conjunction with the start of college football season, and Mariota takes a starring role in a couple of really good ones.

The Haboob’s favorite is called “Quick Change,” in which Mariota plays ping pong against former Ohio State Heisman winner Eddie George. As the camera switches to each player as they return the ball in a rally, Mariota’s jersey changes too — a nod to Oregon’s seemingly infinite uniform combinations.

Another one, called “Just Go With It” features Mariota questioning the senior members of the house on the surreal nature of their surroundings. The great Tony Dorsett gets a little uncomfortable and hits the red emergency button, which is nothing more than an announcement that the ice cream man is outside — enough to distract Mariota’s train of thought.

We can only wonder what these spots will be like next year when Mike Bercovici of Arizona State joins the house, right Pete Thamel?

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