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Decision ’12: Arizona Sports presidential election

Well, the country’s election season is over. No more campaign ads (thank you), no more looking forward to getting the “I voted today” sticker, and no more arguing with your friends, family and coworkers over who or what they should vote for.

OK, maybe the last one will linger for a bit.

At any rate, we at thought it would be a good idea to name a president for the local sports scene. However, there are plenty of qualified candidates, as each team gets to nominate someone. And since none of them returned our calls or even recognized this as a real thing (ouch), we decided to come up with the list on our own.

As we’re sure you already understand, it’s important to look at various factors when making a decision like this one. After all, this may be the most important election in our website’s history.

From the Big Red Party: Larry Fitzgerald