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Cardinals can contend without franchise QB

Although the Cardinals are in desperate need of a quarterback, ESPN’s Mike Sando does not think the team needs a franchise quarterback to win the NFC West.

The Arizona quarterback debate, which seems to revolve around Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton, is something the Cardinals need to settle as soon as the lockout is ended.
For the Cardinals to have any success in the 2011-12 season, the offense needs to work with their new quarterback as soon as possible.

Kolb and Orton both have their own personal pros and cons, but the Cardinals may be fine with either one.
As Sando writes in his story, “gaining long-term security at the position would be nice, but there is no reason to force the issue in the absence of such a solution.”

If the Cardinals do not feel that the long-term answer at quarterback is available, they should not give up too much to acquire either Kolb or Orton.

A sufficient quarterback is all the Cardinals need to compete in a division with less talent than American Idol audition shows.

Despite finishing with the second worst record in the NFC, the Cardinals only finished two games out of the divisional race.

Arizona may not be the most talented team in the NFC, but they do not need to be. If the Cardinals can get competent quarterback play, they have enough pieces to compete for a division title.

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