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UCLA football uniform: Put a bear on it

Nobody on the UCLA Bruins will be catching footballs with their bare hands Saturday when Jim Mora’s crew visits UNLV.

Why? Firstly, they are humans (ha, ha).

Secondly, those humans will be wearing awesome bear gloves. And bear undershirts. And bear football cleats.

The Bruins will be taking on the Rebels dressed in “Uncaged” alternate adidas uniforms that include bears all over them.

Not just any bear. These are bears with green eyes, snarling teeth and no time for doing bear circus act things. These bears are serious. They’re going to break your car window while you’re camping to get into the Cheez-Its you forgot about and left under the driver’s seat. They’re going to do that, then smash your other windows just because these are scary, rude, unrelenting bears.

Look at this!

UCLA is putting these bears all over their uniforms. It looks like the majority of the fresh look will include white jerseys and pants with black accents. The Bruins — which are bears, if you didn’t know — will also be donning gold lids.

It would seem that adidas, in conceptualizing this look, turned to a certain episode of a certain television series called Portlandia.

When in doubt, put a bear on it.

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