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Larry Fitzgerald ready to be immortalized for the second time

Even if the NFL lockout continues well into the fall, you’ll still be able to see Larry Fitzgerald in his home red Arizona Cardinals uniform in Glendale. That’s because there will be a new SportsPicks figurine of the receiver available at Todd McFarlane’s store in Westgate starting this September.

The figurine, which was unveiled Monday on by Darren Urban, depicts Fitzgerald running down the field in his signature No. 11 jersey with the football as his dreadlocks cut through the air behind him.

It’s not the first time Fitz has been immortalized by the McFarlane line. Back in the early part of 2008 a figurine of him diving, reaching for the inside of the pylon as his body flew out of bounds. It was a moment that the wide receiver would almost perfectly duplicate in the 2009 playoffs on the road against the Carolina Panthers (the only difference between the figurine and the real deal was the color of the jersey).

While the chances of Fitz replicating the pose of the first figurine were slim, the chances of fans seeing him streak down the field like he is in the new one are pretty high. That is, unless the lockout costs the NFL the entire season and the All-Pro receiver decides to take his talents elsewhere in 2012.

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