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Arizona State football team plays ‘Who tweeted that?’

College sports teams that censor their athletes’ social media passions are less fun than those who embrace them.

Props to Arizona State for not only letting their players be themselves but for getting creative by using their personalities to entertain fans.

On Monday, the Sun Devils released video of a game called “Who tweeted that?” It’s what it sounds like. Players like Jordan Simone, Mike Bercovici and Demario Richard are asked to read an anonymous tweet, then guess which of their teammates was the author.

Backup quarterback Manny Wilkins gets our vote for most entertaining in this episode.

“Currently standing where Harry Potter flies his shopping cart to Hogwartz… Dreams do come true,” he reads on an iPad.

Wilkins is informed Bercovici is the author.

“That’s crazy. He’s a nerd,” Wilkins says, before adding, “He probably got super retweets, too.”

Manny gets stumped when he’s posed with which teammate tweeted, “Its crazy how thirsty ppl be for a rap beef.”

Wilkins is left speechless when he learns that starting corner Lloyd Carrington wrote it.

“That’s sad. That’s our …”

Yes, it is.

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