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Fan fights with Adrian Gonzalez over foul ball

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Let it go man.

That’s advice that can be given to a fan that attended the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies game on Monday night.

During the top of the fifth inning, Tom Murphy of the Rockies hit a fly ball into the stands down the first base line. Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez had a play on the ball and reached into the stands to make the catch.

Seemed routine enough.

The only problem was there was a guy that wanted to make that catch as badly as Gonzalez did.

After Gonzalez clearly makes the catch, the fan in a Boston Red Sox hat attempts to wrestle the ball out of his glove.

He goes after it for a couple of seconds before realizing that he was not wrestling a fellow fan for the ball, but rather the Dodgers $154 million first baseman.

The look on the fan’s face is a priceless one when he realized his mistake in judgement.

On the bright side, he should make a few highlight shows, so at least he has some fame at the expense of his own embarrassment.


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