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Cardinals’ Kerry Rhodes: We’re not perfect either

December 3, 2012: Defensive players insist no locker room discord

No one would fault the Arizona Cardinals defense if there was some anger or resentment towards their counterparts on the other side of the football.

The defense has done its job, for the most part. The offense — 95 total points (11.8 avg.) during the eight-game losing streak, has not.

Yet, you won’t find any finger pointing in the Cardinals’ locker room. They remain one solid unit.

“I think it’s what you do,” Kerry Rhodes said. “We’re in this together as a team.”

But it can’t be easy, especially as of late.

The defense has forced 11 turnovers in the last three games. The offense, however, has shown very little from that good fortune. Only a field goal was scored off of four turnovers at the Jets Sunday.

“We’ve invested so much in this year to do what we can do and try to be the best we can,” Rhodes said. “We know the offense is doing that. We’re doing that as well. We’re not perfect on the defensive side of the ball either. Until we have a perfect game and we shut somebody out and they have zero yards, then we can’t say anything.”

Dan Williams, coming off one of his better games as a pro, agreed.

“As a defense,” he said, “we know our job is to keep the other team from scoring. No matter what, we have to keep those guys out of the end zone or from getting field goals; just try to keep the score at zero if we can.”