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This giant high school lineman will make you glad you aren’t his opponent

If you played youth sports, you remember that kid who hit his or her growth spurt waaaaaayyyy before everyone else. You also remember wincing when your coach suggested you guard them.

Imagine how hard this guy’s opponents wince before games.

John Krahn from King High in Riverside, Calif. is listed at 7 feet tall, 440 pounds and is being called the “world’s biggest football player” by Max Preps. He made the varsity roster as a 6-foot-8, 330 pound sophomore and has since grown four inches.

He’s the tallest player on any high school roster, according to MaxPreps and and tops any NFL roster as well.

A USA Football rep told MaxPreps several Division I schools showed interest in Krahn and said they’d consider offering him a scholarship if he lost weight. He is currently sticking to a 3,000 calorie diet full of chicken and fish.

This highlight video is worth three minutes of your time, not for the football, which is about as exciting as a high school lineman highlight reel can be, but for the footage of Krahn simply standing next to people. Another great moment is when two regular-sized people need two tries to help Krahn up after stretching.

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