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The burning question: Did the Cardinals quit?

It’s easy to make the assumption that after a 58-0 drubbing at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals quit Sunday.

Maybe the repeated losing during a nine-game losing streak was too much to take, and the Cardinals just took their ball and went home.

One such person is Larry Fitzgerald, Sr., father of woefully underused Cardinals wide receiver and writer for the Minneapolis Spokesman-Recorder. Fitzgerald offered up this at halftime of the Cardinals’ loss on Twitter:

It’s a serious charge, no doubt, especially when it implicates highly-paid professional athletes. One Cardinal, defensive lineman Nick Eason, did refute the accusations on Twitter:

Embattled head coach Ken Whisenhunt also talked about that very topic at his Monday press conference.

“It wasn’t effort (Sunday),” when explaining what the issues were. “It was technique, it was gap fits and you’ve got to give Seattle credit, they played hard but we had more mistakes defensively than we’ve had this whole year and when you go against a team like that, you know you can’t do that.

“In watching the tape, it wasn’t effort from our guys, it was mistakes, and that’s not making plays.”

The 58-point loss was the worst in Cardinals’ history and was also the highest single-game point output in Seattle history.