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SpiderMable saves Andrew Ference from kidnappers

Screenshot from @EdmontonOilers

The Edmonton Oilers were dealt a potential season-ending blow when their Captain Andrew Ference went missing on Monday afternoon.

Ference was kidnapped and held hostage in the city of Edmonton before he was saved by a superhero that goes by the name SpiderMable.

Mable Tooke is a six-year old girl who has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the last two years. She loves the comic book Spiderman, thus the name SpiderMable, and imagined fighting crime in between treatments according to the girl’s parents in this Yahoo story.

The Children’s Wish Foundation set up the day to find a “kidnapped” Andrew Ference and you can follow the day’s adventure below which started with a public service video calling for the help of SpiderMable.


Not a bad day for the little girl, fighting crime, saving the Oilers Captain and holding the hand of Connor McDavid, the next NHL superstar.

Job well done SpiderMable.

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